Know more on trending paper party decorations

The paper party decorations are now trending and whatever the ceremony is, the flamboyance of papercraft attract your guests and they will praise it. The glorious handicraft enlivens your mind and can turn the party into an unforgettable one. The multicolored papers can fill colors to your party as well as your life. These soft-weightless pieces are apt for almost all ceremonies whether it is birthday, anniversary, or inauguration; the paper décor is always successful in amazing the guests.

The trend of decorating with flowers is little declined in events and the paper craft has been widely popularized. Creating the paper shapes with the perfect color combination is a work of art. Shapes like garland, parasols, star lanterns, pom poms, and banners are replaced with papers. The style is widely accepted due to its cost effectiveness and vast choices. Some of the variety trends with paper party decorations are clubbed here to make your celebration special.

Tissue Paper Cards:
Prepare a thank you card with tissue like paper for your guests and give while them leaving the party hall. They can use it or keep like a souvenir.

Tissue Paper Lantern:
Hang some paper lantern of various colors and fill multiple hues into the party. These are simple and elegant way to add feel & color to any party. Almost all guests will adore it.

Paper Garland:
Try a neon animal garland for your theme party. From dinos to farm animals, you can make your dream garland with paper, thread and spray paint. Or just cut, tie and scrap the papers to make a simple garland.

Tissue Paper Pom Poms:
The tissue paper pom poms are fantastic and cheap, but look striking when hanging in groups. Add simple and celebratory decorations to your parties and events. Pom poms are uncomplicated to assemble and can be hung anywhere with ribbon, wire or string. Pom Poms are great for wedding halls or feast.

Watercolor Décor:
Ideal for a summer party, now you can embellish your home with easy watercolor furnishings.
And the best thing is you will only require an easy method and your home printer.

Falling or confetti wall:
Coat a wall with your selection of wrapping paper. Use a round punch to cut out your confetti, apply spray glue on the covering paper, and fix the confetti on to stick. Combine the confetti wall with fringe garland or balloons for an additional touch of drama.

Paper cups:
When hosting a big group for a summer party, paper cups are the most inexpensive drink ware. Modify any paper cups with a form or pattern that matches your party's theme or color palette. You can use a sticker maker or print directly on label paper to stick the shapes to the cups.

Paper hats:
Try handicraft hat instead of the store-bought version and bring a difference in easy party hats made from creation paper and duct tape. Or, let the kids decorate their own multicolored party hats as a simple celebration activity.

Paper mustache straw:
Have fun with prank mustache. These mustaches are set in the top of the straw and are sure to make your guests smile.

Paper flowers:
Paper flowers made from cupcake lining are not that easy to make. But they are really lovable and adorable. You can cover the whole house in vibrant paper blooms, if put a little effort. Start search and experiment on the paper crafts to surprise your guests. We can help you make the decoration perfect enough to make them blush.