Baptism Parties

Baptism is one of the landmark events of a child’s as well as parent’s life. We help you arrange and adorn the event with divinity and grace with equal amount of fun and merriment. We will craft all the tangible ornamentation elements of the event as remarkable as the auspicious occasion. Irrespective of your location, the theme, the ambiance, and the atmosphere of the event is assured to look ethereal and charming.

We attempt every theme within the spectrum of formal to quirky and we can cater to any ideas and themes you have in your mind.

Birthday Parties

Birthday parties are not just about blowing candles or cutting the birthday cakes these days. The décor, the ambiance, and the activities are as important as cake cutting and they cannot be overlooked. We help you infuse the right ambiance to your birthday party and to take it to the next level.

We can undertake any wildest birthday party fantasies of the birthday boy or girl; from Disney princess to Star Wars, you can approach us with any theme.

Wedding Anniversaries

Every wedding anniversary is a milestone crossed and it is important to acknowledge and celebrate them. Whether it is your first anniversary, diamond anniversary, gold anniversary or platinum anniversary, we have the ideal décor and perfect style to celebrate your years of togetherness with your loved one.

We make sure that your wedding anniversary is celebrated with as much grandeur and charm of the wedding. We can work in any budget, bringing out the result your desired.

Themed Parties

Parties used to be just about birthdays and wedding, these days we have a multitude of reasons to celebrate. The reason for your celebration could be substantial or trivial but we make sure that your venue and premises are stunning.

Our expert craftsmen are adroit at creating splendid adornments and decorations to suit any theme of any budget. From college parties to official meetings; we can adapt our service to any environment.

Wedding Fixations

We have all the techniques, tricks and articles that you need to make your wedding fixation venue beautiful. Choose a theme, fix a budget and leave the rest to us. We offer you an extensive range of concepts, themes, and ideas to choose from. Our spectacular handmade paper adornments encrusting your venue will transform the event to spell-binding.

The experience of beautifying hundreds of wedding venues makes us a savant at wedding venue styling. We can aid you making your life event flawless.

Holy Communions

With Holy Communion one’s spiritual journey to heaven commences. From the flower wreaths to candles, we furnish everything you require as you begin your life in Christ. A reception is indispensable after the Holy Communion mass these days. Do you want angels to be overlooking you kid’s Holy Communion reception venue? We can make that happen and a lot more.

We make sure that your child’s rite of passage into spiritual life is celebrated the way it should be.

Office Parties/Inaugurations

An office party or any other corporate function is very different from other parties in terms of the aura and tone. We aid you with decorations and adornments that can suit any business environment. We help you render your business parties and meeting formal, execute yet fun and enjoyable. Our high-end, artistic handmade decoration entities are assured to please and delight your guests. You can trust us to style your formal functions with solemnity and splendor.

House Warming

Get your housewarming festivities started with our lovely choice of housewarming party supplies. We are here to make your housewarming day special with less expense and mind-blowing decoration.

Trendy theme settings, creative ideas, and stunning adornments make your function nothing short of a gala event. You can count on us to render your house amiable and charming for your housewarming party.